Campaign Amateur Theatre, Ely

We are sad to inform you that our planned November production, Chicago, will not now take place. In an ideal world auditions would have taken place, and we would already be in rehearsal. In these uncertain times we were concerned for your safety, and that of our lovely audiences, and with no guarantee that venues would even be open we felt we had no choice but to cancel. Unfortunately, Chicago is set to go on a national tour in 2021, and so consequently we are unable to transfer our licence at this stage; the amazing show that our phenomenal production team had planned will have to wait for a bit longer. Robbie, Maria, Julian and Steph are all gutted that they won’t get to work with our talented performers this year but assure us that they, and Chicago, will return to Ely eventually!

The CAT committee is actively planning a programme for 2021, so please stay with us, and watch this space. Also take heart in the way that the arts have been the basis of survival for so many through the pandemic – we will all return stronger. Stay safe x

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