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Auditions are held in a relaxed workshop style where budding performers are made to feel relaxed and welcome. 


Little Shop of Horrors Auditions 

​Come and audition for our new show 

Show dates - 13th to 16th November 2019 inclusive

Those Auditioning must be available for the entire week leading up to the shows.

Audition Dates : If you wish to audition for the ensemble, please email to indicate your interest  at thank you. For those people wishing to audition for a principal role, please email for a timed slot on the Wednesday 24th July or Sunday 28th July.


Sunday 21st July 3-5pm at Little Thetford Village Hall


Weds 24th July 7-9pm at Little Thetford Village Hall. 


Sunday 28th July 3-5pm at Little Thetford Village Hall.

No preparation is required for ensemble auditions.
For those wishing to audition for a solo or duet, please prepare ANY song from our previous productions AND bring along a backing track (phones will be fine as a speaker will be available).


SEYMOUR KRELBOURNE stumbles across a new breed of plant he names 'Audrey II' after the co-worker he has a crush on. This foul-mouthed R&B singing carnivore plant promises unending fortune and fame to the down and out Krelbourne as long as he keeps feeding it - BLOOD. Over time though Krelbourne discovers Audrey II's plan for global domination. 

Character information : SEYMOUR KRELBOURNE - Is a sweet, naive and likeable flower shop clerk. He is an orphan, shy, awkward with a huge crush on Audrey. He is also very green fingered and becomes the owner of Audrey II. His confidence grows as the plant becomes more powerful. Playing age mid 20's- mid 30's.


The bleached-blonde secret love of Seymore's life. Audrey is honest and attractive, has very low self-esteem, dresses a little trashy, attracts the wrong guys and has big dreams for the future which she knows she is unlikely to ever realise. Playing age 20s- mid 30's.


These girls are our storytellers and very much drive the action. They have the most dance and movement in the show. They're young, wisecracking, street smart, hip and soulful and the only characters who know what's going on and feel like a modern version of a 50's girls group. Playing age 20-30's.


Mr Mushnick's flower business is failing and he is about the throw in the towel. He is grouchy, opportunistic, but with some ethics. He seldom smiles, but often sweats!. Playing age ;Late 40's to early 60's.


A dark handsome, sadistic, laughing gas inhaling dentist with a motorcycle and black leather jacket. He may play some other roles. Playing age 30s - early 40's.


In this show Audrey II comes on stage as the live persona of the plant - conniving, manipulative, blood-thirty, funky with a crazy laugh. Any playing age- it's more about the charisma and the voice. We're looking for soul!!


We are looking for an ensemble of strong singers/ actors. There are some ensemble numbers and I also want the ensemble to show the change to the world as Audrey becomes stronger. The minor roles of CUSTOMER, RADIO ANNOUNCER, MR BERNSTEIN, MRS LUCE, SKIP SNIP and PATRICK MARTIN are usually all played by the actor playing ORIN but it is possible we may allocate some of the roles to the ensemble.

Annie, The Wedding Singer, My Fair Lady, Oliver, Rent and Oklahoma are just some of our past productions. For more of our past productions, please click here.

For any questions or further information regarding Little Shop of Horrors auditions or the any other questions, please email or check our Facebook page.

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